The refrigeration department of Emco Group supplies refrigeration rooms and containers and maintains them over the years. Goods needing refrigeration require precise temperatures for the preservation of freshness and quality. Refrigeration rooms must therefore be built to the highest standards of insulation, while meticulously ensuring the correct temperature and its uniform dispersal.

The department is responsible for several key fields and services:

  • The construction and setting up of refrigeration containers and rooms customized to the customer’s specifications and taking into account the conditions of the site. This process is carried out on the basis of the client’s configurations and expected use of the refrigeration container or room.
  • Conversion of refrigeration container to changing needs, in accordance to preferences (refrigeration or freezing) and the goods stores (fruits, vegetables, meat, pharmaceuticals, marine transport, etc.)
  • Repair services, warranties, and maintenance for refrigeration rooms and containers, and refrigeration units.
  • Electrical engineering services, including the building of electrical panels and cabinets for refrigeration rooms and containers. These services are intended for conversions from current use to refrigeration and for the construction of original refrigeration rooms.
  • Leasing of refrigeration containers for short period and for one-time use in the field.
  • Manufacture of portable refrigeration rooms.


The company’s repair centers are located near the seaports in Ashdod and Haifa, in order to provide rapid and efficient responses to the immediate needs of large shipping companies and local customers. At the same time, the company offers portable units, backed by skilled personnel in the refrigeration industry who carry out repairs and customizations throughout the country.


For further information, please call:

Ashdod branch: 08-8523113

Haifa branch: 04-8670089

Emergency service: 1-800-30-11-66


Services for food manufacturers

On the basis of Emco Marine’s specialization in the construction of refrigeration rooms and containers or steel structures, the food industry benefits from an especially rich range of products. The company’s offerings include refrigeration structures and rooms.


Services for medical units

Medical units nationwide are equipped with structures supplied by Emco Marine. These structures are customized for a range of purposes.


Refrigeration rooms

Emco Marine’s refrigeration rooms are designed for the storage of produce which require low temperatures, including products requiring freezing.

 חדרי קירור להשכרה

Refrigeration containers

Refrigeration containers come in different sizes and include separation units, which can be used by a variety of industries and sectors, including medical units, the food industry, and agriculture.

Refrigeration containers

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