Emco Ltd.

Founded in 1983, the company currently has 350 employees.

The company is engaged in the provisions of  terminal services, and a range of aviation services at a number of sites in Israel. 

The company’s activities:

  • General port services
  • Subscription and registration (tally)
  • Distress services
  • Depot services – , maintenance and handling of containers, refrigeration containers
  • Manufacture of portable structures, storerooms, houses, and refrigeration rooms made from containers
  • Logistics and transportation
  • Free cargo terminal
  • International trade in containers
  • EmcoAir – testing and certification laboratory for the repair and maintenance of aviation transportation equipment

Emco  has a number of plants and offices:

Ashdod branch

Haifa branch

Company headquarters
Factory and container terminal on a 50-dunam (5-hectare) site at the Ashdod Port.
Repairs and service area at the Ashdod Port.
Israel Ports Park P.O. Box 593, Ashdod 7710402 ISRAEL 
Telephone: 08-8523113 Fax: 08-8523113


Regional management office
Factory and container terminal on a 50-dunam (5-hectare) site at the Haifa Port.
Rear container terminal, Yadin Junction
PO Box 223, zip code 3100102, Haifa ISRAEL 
Telephone: 04-8670087 Fax: 04-8671632


Services provided nationwide as needed.

Why choose Emco 

Emco  has the latest equipment – new forklifts with spiders, welding machinery of all kinds, trucks, trailers, and all the equipment and tools needed for the repair, handling, and maintenance of containers

All work at the company is carried out on-site.

Emco  Ltd. is certified by the Israeli government, the Ministry of Transport, the Shipping and Ports Administration, and the Standards Institution of Israel. The company complies with the following Israeli and international standards:

ISO 9001-2000

Emco  is also certified for underwater work and repairs by the following rating companies:

ABS, Lloyds, Bureau Veritas, Rinave, Germanischer Lloyd 

Emco Marine Ltd. is a member of International Cargo Handling Coordination Association (ICHCA) Israel, the Haifa Chambers of Commerce, and the Association of the Israeli Maritime Court. The company has a contractor license for construction engineering (Registrar of Contractors).

The United Nations, leading shipping companies, government ministries, municipalities, the Israel Police, the Israel Prisons Service, Ashdod Port Company Ltd., Haifa Port Company Ltd., Eilat Port Company Ltd., high-tech companies, hospitals, airlines, and private customers.

We would be pleased to hear from you and offer you assistance and advice you need in all our areas of expertise at the ports and inland terminals in Ashdod, Haifa, Eilat, and wherever you may need.


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