EmcoAir is a subsidiary of Emco Marine Ltd.

EmcoAir is the authorized testing institute No. 45 for aviation transport equipment repairs and maintenance by:

  • ISO 9002
  • Israel Civil Aviation Authority
  • TCCA – Transport Canada Certification A/C
  • FAA – American Federal Aviation Administration
  • EASA – European Aviation Safety Agency

EmcoAir’s testing institute is authorized to repair and maintain the following equipment:

  • Various cargo and passenger holds
  • Loading pallets
  • Cargo nets
  • Catering equipment – food carts, garbage carts, duty-free cars, and service carts
  • Aircraft kitchen equipment, except for electrical and water systems
  • Food and beverages refrigeration units for Boeing 777s

EmcoAir provides the following services:

Design, manufacture, repair, upgrade, and maintenance of equipment at the customer’s request, including fixed and portable stands, storage units, motorized refrigeration units, vehicle transportation facilities, and all wheeled equipment, such as food cards at hospitals and queues. The company provides sorting and supervision services at Ben Gurion Airport for all types of unit load devices (ULDs), a service that enhances aviation safety.

EmcoAir provides services to leading airlines, duty free retailers, catering companies, hospitals, hotels, supermarket chains, government offices, the Ministry of Defense, and more.

Please note that, in addition to repair services, our company can provide your logistics system: transporting equipment from the customer, accepting it and repairing it on the basis of a quote, and returning it to the customer with serviceability certificate and itemized list of repairs.

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